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People at the heart of the organization

Listen, Adapt and Support. Convinced that human development is the key to organizational success, we are here to create professional environments conducive to mental and emotional well-being. This is our commitment!

Employee efficiency and performance require a healthy balance, both in their personal and professional lives. m on beat , an expert in psychological health, collaborates with managers and leaders to establish a healthy and fulfilling work environment . Through supervision strategies, activities and practices, we cultivate individual, team, and organizational well-being.

  • Improved productivity

  • Reduction of absenteeism

  • Improved job satisfaction

  • Stress reduction

  • Better atmosphere at work

  • Reduced healthcare costs

  • Better company image

  • Compliance with ethical and legal standards

  • Strengthening diversity and inclusion

Guided by an informed business vision, we aim to create positive change, build resilience and foster fulfilling professional relationships . Our home base is the greater region of Quebec and Chaudière-Appalaches with offices in Quebec and Lévis. We also serve the metropolitan region with an office in Montreal.

mon beat is a training organization accredited by Emploi Québec, offering quality programs that comply with the requirements of the Act to promote the development and recognition of workforce skills, also known as the skills law.

A collaborative and in-depth assessment to fully understand the state of well-being of individuals and groups in your business or organization. Identify their needs. Determine the strengths, challenges and objectives to achieve for their well-being and establish a prevention program.

Take the pulse of your organization

Improve well-being and mental health within your organization with our flexible packages and programs including a choice of accessible individual and group activities tailored to your situation.

Establish individualized support

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Evaluate the activities carried out and the results obtained, note benefits such as satisfaction, commitment, the feeling of well-being and doing well among people and groups, then continue to work for well-being in the company or the organization.

Analyze and see the benefits

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Canadian workers are at high risk of suffering from a mental health problem.



Managers suffered from psychological distress in 2022.


Companies in Canada have not implemented a workplace mental health strategy.

Disability claims in the workplace concerns mental health.


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Yves Lessard and Myriam Robitaille, co-founders of mon beat, psychological health

Our mission

Balancing psychological well-being and professional performance. In collaboration with leaders, we create a fulfilling work environment through supervision strategies and practices, promoting individual well-being and the prosperity of your organization.

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Our services

 Our goal is to create a healthy work environment, preventing negative impacts on performance, and promoting happy and engaged employees. Explore our services for a more resilient business focused on the well-being of your employees.

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Myriam Robitaille, president and general manager mon beat

Myriam Robitaille

Myriam, President and CEO, brings more than 20 years of varied experience, notably as a manager for a large Canadian bank. With a rich academic background, she combines her expertise in psychology and change management to create a professional environment where each individual can thrive. Her volunteer dedication and commitment to mental health, enhanced by meditation and breathing, underscore her passion for individual and collective growth.

Yves Lessard, vice-president

Yves Lessard

Yves Lessard, our Vice-President, holds a BACC in business administration from Laval University. With a diverse career, he started as a financial analyst at Revenu Québec and then led the reorganization of a national organization. A seasoned entrepreneur, he managed various businesses before devoting himself entirely to Mon Beat. Convinced of the importance of mental health in the world of work, Yves puts his expertise at the service of our mission.

Communicating means creating bridges between hearts.

Our articles

A wide range of resources and articles written by members of the mon beat team. Discover lots of information on well-being, caring communication and mental health. 

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