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Tailor-made, turnkey assistance

Discover our proactive approach to strengthening well-being in the workplace. Well aware that choosing the right initiatives can be complex, we intervene upstream, offering in-depth analysis, personalized solutions and careful implementation.  Our goal is to create a healthy work environment, preventing negative impacts on performance, and promoting happy and engaged employees. Explore our services for a more resilient and wellness-focused business.

Health diagnosis

The organizational mental health diagnostic in business allows you to assess the current state within the organization, analyzing specific needs such as employee well-being, corporate culture and performance indicators.


Through in-depth interviews, surveys and detailed analyses, we collect essential data. This approach allows us to better understand the current situation and guide the company and employees towards an optimal state of mental health.

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Development of a specialized program

Development of personalized programs

We understand that every organization has unique needs. By working closely with you, we design tailor-made solutions, integrating tailored training programs, effective communication, and initiatives specifically designed to promote employee well-being.


Discover how our personalized programs can add value to your business by creating a healthy environment conducive to prosperity.

Training and workshops

Discover our wide range of varied training courses, taught by recognized professionals in their field. With us, learning becomes a rewarding experience, providing practical skills and quality expertise to support mental wellbeing in business.


Explore the diversity of our training courses and engage your team in a professional and fulfilling learning journey.

On-the-job training
Colleagues on team building retreat

Team building retreat

Immerse yourself in the unique experience of our team building retreat. Designed to strengthen cohesion and stimulate collaboration, our retreat offers the perfect balance of team-building activities, inspiring sessions led by experts, and moments of relaxation.


Give your team an unforgettable opportunity to connect, recharge and strengthen bonds within your organization.

Professional expertise

Discover our professional expertise service, an alliance with seasoned professionals such as psychologists, social workers, psychoeducators, and more. Building on this collaboration, we offer comprehensive solutions to support mental well-being in the workplace.


Benefit from the expertise of our multidisciplinary team and strengthen mental health at the heart of your organization.

Psychologue en intervention de groupe

Our engagement

Discover our fundamental values that guide each of our actions. 


These fundamental principles guide our approach to creating a work environment conducive to mental well-being, promoting growth, mutual understanding and professional development.

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Our commitment to our customers is based on a fundamental value: Listen. We don't just hear, but we take the time to truly meet each individual, asking specific questions to concretely understand the challenges they face. This careful approach allows us to forge meaningful connections and create tailored solutions, focused on your specific needs. at the house of mon beat, listening goes beyond words, it is an act imbued with empathy to better support you towards well-being in business.


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We believe in the power of adaptability, affirming our ability to offer a turnkey service that adapts to the specific contours of your business. Whether you manage a small structure requiring specific support or a large company requiring complete management, we adapt to your evolving needs.

 Aware that each organization is unique, our solutions are not rigid, but flexible and adaptable. These programs evolve according to the specific needs revealed during the diagnosis stage, ensuring constant personalization and continued relevance.


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Our commitment to “Support” goes beyond the initial diagnosis. We understand that corporate wellness is an ongoing journey, and that's why we stay there every step of the way. Our dedicated team remains at your side to support you, answer your questions, and adjust our solutions according to your evolving needs. Our commitment to your well-being is a promise we honor throughout our partnership. Opt for a collaboration where constant support is the norm, and discover howmy beat can be your trusted partner in the adventure of corporate well-being.


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