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Teleworking and the quest for mental balance

In the current work landscape, teleworking has become a reality for many professionals and companies. This working modality, which offers great flexibility, however requires meeting several challenges, particularly with regard to the lack of social interactions and the ability to concentrate!

Here are some tips to help us adapt to this big change in the world of work.

Define a space, delimit a time

Creating a dedicated workspace at home is more than just a matter of physical organization; it’s a psychological signal that tells our brain that it’s time to focus. Time management, by adopting techniques such as the Pomodoro method, can help structure the day effectively, alternating periods of intense work with short breaks to maintain a high level of performance.

Communication at the heart of teleworking

Communication plays a crucial role in the world of teleworking. It must be intentional and structured to combat isolation and maintain a sense of team membership. Likewise, establishing daily routines, incorporating physical activity and mental breaks, can be beneficial for managing stress and promoting good mental health.

Support mental health remotely

For employers, supporting mental health while working remotely is essential. This can include providing resources, training managers to be alert to signs of distress in their teams, and encouraging the use of digital tools to strengthen communication and team cohesion.

Teleworking should not be synonymous with loneliness or reduced productivity. With good practices, it is possible to take advantage of its many benefits while preserving your mental health and professional performance. It is by adopting a balanced approach and implementing appropriate strategies that teleworkers and businesses can thrive in this modern work environment.

Whether you are a remote worker looking to improve your focus and well-being, or an employer looking to support your team remotely, there are concrete steps to take. Do not hesitate to contact us at mon beat to explore tailor-made solutions that meet your teleworking needs.

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