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Law 27: Master the new obligations and implement essential psychological health practices.

Format of

3 hours

or 1 day

In business, at mon beat office or online

Adapted to your reality

On request according to your needs

  • This interactive training has been specially designed to support HR professionals, managers and occupational health and safety stakeholders in a constantly evolving legislative and practical environment, particularly in terms of mental health.

    Its main objective is to arm participants with the essential knowledge and tools to comply with the requirements of Law 27 on occupational health and safety. In addition, it aims to provide them with innovative practices to promote mental health within their organization.

    This training aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the challenges related to managing psychosocial risks at work. It also offers practical tools and strategies to meet new legislative obligations while creating a healthy and safe work environment.

  • 1. Understanding the New Requirements: Explore in depth the changes made by Law 27 on occupational health and safety, understanding the direct implications on the management of psychosocial risks within organizations.


    2. Identification of Psychosocial Risks: Learn to identify and understand the different sources of stress and psychosocial risks in the work environment, examining the factors that can influence the mental health of workers.


    3. Risk Assessment: Discover the methods and tools to effectively measure psychosocial risks within your organization, by identifying key indicators and assessing their impact on the health and well-being of employees.


    4. Prevention and Intervention Strategies: Explore the different approaches and best practices to prevent and manage psychosocial risks at work, by developing strategies adapted to your organizational context.

    5. Putting it into practice: This final stage of the training consists of summarizing the key points in a pragmatic manner and engaging in a proactive approach to managing psychosocial risks.

  • Duration : The training is offered in two versions: a 3-hour session for a quick introduction to key concepts, or a full-day session for a more in-depth exploration.


    Training method : Training is available in-company, in our offices in Quebec and Lévis or online, thus offering flexibility to meet the needs and constraints of each organization and its employees.

    On request : Contact us to select a meeting date with a member of our team.

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