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Leadership: Humanize management practices

Format of

3 hours

or 1 day

In business, at mon beat office or online

Adapted to your reality

On request according to your needs

  • In a constantly evolving professional world, humanized leadership is emerging as an essential driving force for creating fulfilling and high-performance work environments. This training invites you to explore the foundations of humanized leadership and to discover how it can radically transform your management practices.

    Join us as we dive deep into the principles of humanized leadership, where empathy, authenticity and human connection are at the center of every interaction. Together we will explore concrete strategies to humanize your management practices, thus promoting a climate of trust, collaboration and well-being within your team.

  • Introduction and objectives: Discover the crucial importance of relationship management in business and understand the objectives of the training for humane and effective management.


    The essential role of the manager: Explore the central role of the manager as conductor of work and discover the key responsibilities of managers in creating a healthy work environment.

    Relationship management skills and practices: Identify the specific skills needed for effective relationship management and explore practices to humanize the employee-manager relationship.

    Strategies for Mental Health at Work: Learn how to prevent burnout and promote mental health at work, while discovering the crucial role of the manager in managing emotions and preventing mental health problems.

    Conclusion and Discussions: Summarize the main points covered in the training and participate in a question-and-answer session to clarify your doubts and explore next steps.

  • Duration : The training is offered in two versions: a 3-hour session for a quick introduction to key concepts, or a full-day session for a more in-depth exploration.


    Training method : Training is available in-company, in our offices in Quebec and Lévis or online, thus offering flexibility to meet the needs and constraints of each organization and its employees.

    On request : Contact us to select a meeting date with a member of our team.

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