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Mental health: Let’s talk about it!

Format of

1 hour

or 3 hours

In business, at mon beat office or online

Adapted to your reality

On request according to your needs

  • Dive into the crucial debate on mental health in the workplace! In this dynamic and demanding professional landscape, employee mental health is essential. This practical and interactive training aims to demystify mental health, highlighting its impact on productivity, engagement and job satisfaction.


    Explore the multiple dimensions of mental health in the workplace, going beyond the absence of mental disorders to include stress, work-life balance, resilience and interpersonal relationships. Join us for an enriching presentation with discussions and exercises, where you will discover concrete tools to better understand, identify warning signals and effectively use your resources.

  • In-depth exploration of mental health in the workplace: Dive into a detailed analysis of the different aspects of mental health in the workplace. We'll examine the nuances of mental health disorders, as well as factors that impact employees' psychological well-being, such as stress, work-life balance, resilience, and the quality of interpersonal relationships.


    Identification of risk and protective factors: Learn to recognize the elements that contribute to risks to the mental health of employees, as well as the preventative measures that can be put in place to protect and promote their psychological well-being.


    Early detection of warning signs: Develop your ability to spot warning signs of psychological distress in yourself, your colleagues or your employees. This skill will allow you to intervene proactively to maintain a healthy work environment and promote mutual support within the team.


    Practical Mental Health Management Strategies: Discover proven techniques and tools for dealing with mental health challenges in the workplace. You'll learn concrete ways to manage stress, build emotional resilience, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.


    Use of available resources: Explore the different resources and supports available to promote mental health at work, whether at the individual or organizational level. Learn to identify support services, employee assistance programs and other external resources that can help create a work environment supportive of mental health.

  • Duration : The training is offered in two versions: a one-hour session for a quick introduction to key concepts, or a three-hour session for more in-depth exploration and hands-on exercises.


    Training method : Training is available in-company, in our offices in Quebec and Lévis or online, thus offering flexibility to meet the needs and constraints of each organization and its employees.

    On request : Contact us to select a meeting date with a member of our team.

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