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Our Training

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Our Training

Discover our proactive approach to strengthening well-being in the workplace. Well aware that choosing the right initiatives can be complex, we intervene upstream, offering in-depth analysis, personalized solutions and careful implementation.  Our goal is to create a healthy work environment, preventing negative impacts on performance, and promoting happy and engaged employees. Explore our services for a more resilient and wellness-focused business.

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Stress is a pervasive and often misunderstood subject. This training aims to deepen our understanding of stress...

From Recognition to Action: Managing Professional Stress

In the dynamic and demanding landscape of the modern professional world, the mental health of employees is of paramount importance...

Mental health: Let’s talk about it!

Fully understand the nature of psychosocial risks and their potential impact on employees...

Preventing psychosocial risks in the workplace

In a constantly evolving professional world, humanized leadership is emerging as a driving force...

Leadership: Humanize management practices

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