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Diagnosis of mental health within the company

Through in-depth analysis, we identify the specific needs of your team, paving the way for personalized solutions and careful implementation.


Our corporate mental health diagnosis team.

Explore our key steps to discover how our diagnostic contributes to a company where happiness at work is not just a concept, but a tangible reality. By identifying mobilization levers, we aspire to transform your organization into a place where employees thrive, thus creating positive dynamics for overall performance. Opt for a proactive approach with my beat, for mental health at the heart of your professional success.

Promote happiness at work and mobilization

Carrying out a corporate mental health diagnosis involves several concrete steps to assess psychological well-being within the organization. Here is an overview of the key steps.

Planning and Preparation

Define the objectives of the diagnosis, identify the stakeholders, and develop a detailed plan of the steps to follow.

Data gathering

Collect data on key factors such as workload, organizational climate, relationships, etc.

Individual Interviews and Focus Groups

Engage in one-on-one interviews with employees to gain personal perspectives, and hold focus groups to stimulate discussion and identify emerging trends.

Surveys and Questionnaires

Distribute anonymous surveys and questionnaires to collect quantitative data on specific aspects of psychological well-being, such as stress levels, job satisfaction, etc.

Analysis of Results

Thoroughly review collected data to identify trends, strengths and areas for improvement.

Report Development and Presentation

Create detailed reports presenting analysis results. These reports can be shared with management and employees in a suitable manner.

Development of Recommendations

Based on the results, specific and actionable recommendations to improve psychological well-being in the workplace.

Implementation of Solutions

Collaborate with stakeholders to implement identified recommendations and solutions. This may involve changes

Continuous Evaluation

Establish monitoring mechanisms to evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions put in place and adjust strategies based on the results.

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Our personalized approach starts by listening to your story. Whether you are a large company looking to build team cohesion or a start-up looking to build a caring culture, we are here for you.

Tell us about your challenges, your ambitions, and your dreams for a fulfilling business. We are ready to collaborate with you to create tailor-made solutions, focusing on the well-being of your employees and the prosperity of your organization.

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