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From recognition to action: Managing professional stress

Format of

1 hour

or 3 hours

In business, at mon beat office or online

Adapted to your reality

On request according to your needs

  • Stress is a pervasive and often misunderstood subject. This training aims to deepen our understanding of stress, emphasizing that it is not exclusively negative and can even be a driver of performance in a professional context.

    By participating in this training, you engage in an enriching learning experience that combines theory, practice and reflection, to strengthen your stress management skills and promote a healthy and productive work environment.

  • In-depth understanding of stress : We will examine the different facets of stress, its causes, its manifestations and its impacts on work performance.


    Identifying Red Flags : We will learn to spot signs of stress in ourselves, our colleagues and our employees, so we can proactively intervene to prevent burnout and promote well-being.


    Stress Management Strategies : We will explore best practices and effective techniques for finding balance and maintaining optimal productivity despite work challenges.


    Practical exercises : We will put the concepts covered into practice through concrete exercises, allowing participants to develop their stress management skills in a secure environment.


    Analysis of available resources : We will review the resources and tools available to support stress management, both at the individual and organizational level.

  • Duration : The training is offered in two versions: a one-hour session for a quick introduction to key concepts, or a three-hour session for more in-depth exploration and hands-on exercises.


    Training method : Training is available in-company, in our offices in Quebec and Lévis or online, thus offering flexibility to meet the needs and constraints of each organization and its employees.

    On request : Contact us to select a meeting date with a member of our team.

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